5 Easy Steps to Clean Stains on the Wall

Over time, the walls of your home will certainly not escape the threat of stubborn stains. Starting from a coffee spill, crayon streaks, or remaining oil attached. If you are diligent in cleaning, this might be a little avoidable. But what if the wall of the house is already full of stains?

Before you decide to spend a lot of money to buy new wall paint, why not take the time to clean it? You can also use the service of pressure washing cobb county to clean the walls of your home. This article will lay out a few easy tips, to make the walls of your home look as beautiful as ever.

Clean the dust from the wall

To get rid of dust that clings to the wall, you can use a broom with a long handle, a brush or a vacuum cleaner. If the equipment used has a hard brush bristle, wrap a cloth or used shirt so as not to damage the surface of the wall. Do this regularly.

Get to know the type of wall paint

Some types of wall paint often even make stains spread or peel off the surface when you try to clean it. Therefore, you need to pay attention first to the type of paint used. For example, modern types of paint such as gloss, usually do not have problems when washed.

While the type of whitewash paint can be erased easily and requires more care if you want to clean it. If your wall paint is oil-based enamel, use a soft sponge and mild cleaning detergent.

Washing preparation

Don’t forget to cover your furniture and furniture with old sheets or newspapers. So, when you clean the walls of your home, soap does not fall on your favorite sofa. Also provide two buckets, one for cleaning solution and one for clean rinse water.

Powerful cleaning solution

After preparing the tools you need, it’s time to make a powerful and easy solution that you can use to clean the walls of the house. Mix cornstarch or pure baking soda with enough water, stir until shaped like a paste. Use the mixture by applying it to the stain. Rub the stain that has been smeared with a cleaning mixture with a toothbrush until the stain disappears. Finally, wipe a dry cloth on the wall to make it clean again.


If you feel that there are too many stains to be removed plus the walls are already moldy and peeling, then this should be the last step that can be done. Namely, repaint the walls of your home.

Therefore, do not let the walls of the house stained for too long, because the stains that stick will be more difficult to remove. In addition, do not be lazy to always clean the walls of the house from dust and dirt.