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What Studies Have Revealed about Mindfulness Meditation Tell that it Reduces Loneliness

Loneliness has nowadays turned out and has been confirmed to be a major problem for many who live in the Western society and more particularly with the senior citizens. This is the one segment of the population which by and large is known to be accorded the least of attention. As they get older, adults have often been seen to be progressing even further from their associations and they tend to drift further and further from the family and the society in general.

What we have here is a fact that is actually based on the findings that were reported in a scientific journal that said affirmatively that mindfulness meditation in actual sense helps adults prevail over loneliness. The least that can be said about this news is that it is a lot of celebrated news considering the fact that loneliness has been confirmed to be a major risk factor for quite a number of health conditions, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases included.

First and foremost, we will need to have a clearer understanding of what loneliness actually is. As opposed to the view that may be so common and prevalent that it is a feeling of physical isolation, loneliness is not as much of that as it is more of a sense of social disconnection. The reasons why you will often find the seniors suffering more from this problem of loneliness are quite a number and these are such as the fact of the cases of suffering from the empty nest syndrome, rusty social skills and lack of social networks in a list of many others. There has as well been seen a trend in the fact of the infectious nature of loneliness in the fact that lonely people oftentimes tend to be never accommodative of others for some reason or another such as that of their fear for rejection. Let us dedicate some time to see how it is that this process of mindfulness meditation will help such persons overcome this problem of loneliness.

Mindfulness meditation, as an alternative for the treatment for loneliness has been as effective and successful in the fact that it actually addresses the problem by taking a look at the root of the whole problem and that is that of the human psyche or mind. One of the key agenda of mindfulness meditation is in the fact that it quite enables one to appreciate their interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. Mindfulness meditation is as well known to be a far much better alternative to help the patients develop better social skills. Without any doubt, if you happen to be in the habit of practicing mindfulness meditation regularly you are going to see your loneliness diminish in a short span of time as you will be able to cultivate more meaningful relationships with others without having any sorts of fears for rejection inhibit your efforts.

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