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Playing a Trivia Game

Trivia’s are one of the best games that are played during friends gathering mostly it is done during the night. This the game can be played during a sleepover or even when old friends have met in a bar, and they want to make the reunion a memorable one for them.

A a good master of ceremony ensures that the crowd is kept on its toes and that the crowd is not bored hence it is essential to have an active master of the ceremony when you’re hosting an event. The host should be aware and well knowledge about the topic in hand that is if it is about fun facts about animals over trivia.

You can make sure that you keep score during the trivia so that you can be able to determine the best score you can award the bonus points to the team that scores all the questions correctly or the one that tries to attempt the questions and ensure that everyone participates during the trivia.

Come up with good questions which can be able to suit the event ensure that you have gone through the questions thoroughly and there Is no question outside the topic for instance if you are going to be having questions about fun facts about animals over trivia then there should be questions about animals only not any other topic since you informed every one you are going to have the facts about animals.

You should also have rules and regulations before you start the trivia this means that in case you end up breaking the rules you can be able to know what kind of punishment the individual is to be given for instance if you find someone cheating during a trivia of fun facts about animals over trivia you can expel the individual from the game.

When you are organizing the event you should be able to know the kind of crowd you are going to be attracting hence you can be able to know the number of guests that you are going to invite and whether the topic that you are about to handle during the trivia is manageable. Also knowing your crowd enables you to know where you are going to host the event from .

The next step is to find a venue for the crowd or the people who are about to attend the trivia. If the number of your guest is high then invite them in a hall if they are kids or if they are grownups you can reserve a bar for them.

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