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Learn About Water Restoration in Flooded Properties in Atlanta

If your property is flooded with water, it is crucial that you do all things possible to restore it immediately. Still water develops moisture and the right environment for bacteria and molds to manifest, and increased exposure to these type of conditions causes allergies and illnesses. To this effect, you should call a water restoration company to come and help you out as soon as possible.

The first thing that a water restoration company does is to assess to establish the extent of damage caused on your property. While they evaluate, they define the class and category of the issue at hand to correctly set up strategies for solving the problem. Water damage can be classified into any of its four classes and three categories. In class 1 water damage, only a section of a room is usually affected by humidity, while in class 2 the entire room, carpeting and walls are typically affected.

Class 3 water damage exhibits moisture absorption in the walls, saturation in most of the areas, and affected ceilings, while in class 4 the damage can be seen even in materials such as hardwood, stone, and concrete. The first category of water damage involves a clean source of water such as a toilet tank, broken pipe supplying fresh water, a running tap, etc.

The second category is that of grey water which could be emanating from a washing machine or dishwasher comprising detergents. It also includes water with urine from a toilet overflow. The third category includes water from sewers, flooded rivers, and standing water which has started growing bacteria. This water can cause diseases or death.

Once a water restoration service determines your case, they remove the water immediately using equipment ideal for each specific situation to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, and further destruction of property. When all the water is cleared, a dehumidification process begins to remove any moisture left, and this can last for weeks.

They then clean and sanitize your property to inhibit unwanted mold and bacterial growth. Antimicrobial treatments are applied to carpets, clothing and drapery, and air scrubbers to the air to clear moisture and particles. Finally, your property is restored to replace or repair affected areas of your property.

Water restoration companies also restore properties with unknown water damage such as a ceiling leak which is not a petty issue. A lot of ceiling leaks feature mold development because they entail a roof or pipe leak which goes an extended period without being identified. During this time, bacteria and mold develop, spreading into larger sections of a property; thus, maximum effort and time are needed to contain and rehabilitate a property.

Always remember, every second counts.

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