Some of the Positive and Negative effects of cannabis use

Positive effects of cannabis.
Sarasota Marijuana Doctors stated that the use of cannabis by rolling and burning as a cigarette will make:
1. Users have a more sensitive hearing. The ear becomes clear and the sound can be heard more clearly. For sound engineer is as support in order to set sound effect when editing or stage can be maximal. For music lovers, will be able to hear the perfect music.
2. Cannabis causes a sense of joy for the wearer, people will feel happy when wearing marijuana. Any problems at hand can be quickly forgotten. This is the main cause why marijuana is abused. People will soon consume marijuana when there is a problem. Marijuana became an escape from trouble.
3. Hallucinations arise. Everything seen will be more beautiful. All objects or objects seen will look like glowing. People will experience like they are living in another world.
4. And many other positive benefits depend on the user’s wishes.
5. People will be more careful while on the road. Due to the effects of fear of death caused by cannabis.
6. Become a raw material of drugs used as a sedative for people with mental disorders.
7. Cannabis becomes the last alternative or the ultimate weapon when sedative drugs, including sleeping pills, are not able to make people with schizophrenia unable to sleep, other than by injecting drugs.
8. Cannabis is the best medicine for people with mental disorders, when they feel will relapse. For more info, please visit Doctors in Florida.
9. Compared to cigarettes, marijuana is much better to have a calming effect due to an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Patients with schizophrenia will smoke a lot as if nothing is unfailing, just to find peace when being anxious. But with just three suction or five suction leaves of dried cannabis that are rolled like cigarettes, anxiety will soon disappear
10. Cannabis is the best tranquilizer, compared to the various chemical drugs produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Firstly because marijuana does not cause addictive effects as well as chemical drugs whose doses are increasing and addictive effects.

Negative effects of cannabis.
Until now there has been no news of people who died of marijuana, except those who do intend to die by mixing various goods, enjoying pot while drinking alcohol diplomas with various other addictive substances such as pills or sedative drugs. Florida Marijuana Doctors said Cannabis is a natural thing. Just like tobacco. But the excess marijuana is not addictive. People can stop consuming marijuana instantly if there is no such thing. In contrast to cigarettes, people will feel fly when not smoking tobacco. Actually, in this case, marijuana is better than tobacco even though both burned and smoked.